Nest Jumpers

For these sculptures, I built a nesting box and placed a knitted ‘jumper’ into each box. The blue tit family then built their nests inside the jumpers. This collaborative sculpture seeks to address the question: What is it to care for one’s surrounding environment? Although the sculpture is playful in its construction, its process, the construction of an artificial habitat, and essential function are designed to support local bird species.

The final two nests show one and two unhatched eggs respectively, with very little insulating nesting material. The question has been raised as to whether these may be 'dummy' nests - built to fool predators. However, it raises additional questions such as: How does an artist reconcile 'failed' artistic/environmental interventions?

Is environmentally based work inevitably, ultimately results oriented? If a practice is truly engaged with the natural environment can it help but try to contribute solutions to the changing climate?

For me this work also brings up difficult questions of the nature of reciprocity, the nature of intentionality, how is the 'sucess' of the engagement measured when good intentions do not result in good outcomes?