Be(e)tween: A Participatory Intervention

For this interactive and participatory project, I created a series of solar powered bee sculptures attached to wearable beekeeping gloves. When brought into the sunlight the bees vibrated, simulating on aspect of the experience of beekeeping. Part of the project also included an observation hive, with over 10,000 Native Irish Black Honeybees inside, magnifying glasses, and six microscopic photographs of honeybee anatomy and examples of framed honeycomb. The work facilitates members of the public to develop skills of eco-perception, including listening, observing, attending engaging and reflecting. The experiential nature of the project also facilitates rare and direct encounters of the non-human natural world (through the observations hive) and of a simulated, tactile and visceral experience of keeping bees (through the vibrating bee sculptures). Photo credit to Annora Callaghan.