Artist Statement

My practice aims to generate a reciprocal relationship with the natural environment. Specifically, I am interested in the critical role that honeybees and birds play within ecosystems and have built various artificial habitats in order to support them and surrounding biodiversity. Within the nesting boxes and beehives, I then create sculptures in collaboration with these priority species. I see this practice crossing the boundaries between ecological and artistic intervention as it creates new ways of understanding landscape representation and also highlights the importance of an informed and engaged relationship between humans and the natural environment.

My studio practice involves traditional artistic methods such as small-scale construction, installation, knitting and embroidery as well as drawing and photography. My process also involves scientifically appropriated methods such as the colelction and cataloguing of specimens, microscopic analyses and data collection. The exhibition of hte work invites the viewer to actively participate through the use of magnifying glasses and microscopes, by prompting active listening and observation skills, and by installing nesting boxes and insect hotels.

More recently my practice has expanded to include more interactive and participatory elements - such as inviting viewers to inspect microscopic slides through microscopes, listening devices, take home nesting boxes and wearable solar powered bee sculptures. I see these aspects as extenstions of my practice that enable the work to extend beyond my studio and personal experiences to become an inclusive and collective process of curiosity, engagement and discussion of honeybees, biodiversity and our surrounding natural environment.